Mass in other languages:

Mass in Spanish
Mass celebrations in Spanish are usually celebrated every 1st Sunday of the Month:
Celebraciones: cada primer domingo de mes a las 12:00 horas
Capilla de Wonne, Noorderhagen 25, Enschede

Mass in Italian

2019 – Santa Messa nella lingua italiana:
Gennaio: -
Sabato 23 Febbraio: ore 17, Gronau
Sabato 16 Marzo: ore 17, Gronau
Lunedì 22 Aprile: ore 11, Enschede
Sabato 18 Maggio: ore 17, Gronau
Sabato 15 Giugno: ore 17, Gronau
Luglio: -
Agosto: -
Sabato 21 Settembre: ore 17, Gronau
Sabato 19 Ottobre: ore 17, Gronau
Sabato 16 Novembre: ore 11, Enschede
Giovedì 26 Dicembre: ore 17, Gronau
For questions regarding the Italian Mass please contact the German Italian Catholic community: italienische-mission-ms at

Mass in Polish
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Mass in Vietnamese
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Mass in other liturgy forms:

Latin Mass in Ordinary Form (Roman Rite)
The term Latin Mass may refer to a Tridentine Mass (see below) or to a mass in ordinary form (just like regular Mass in Dutch or English) that contains elements spoken or sung in Latin. The international mass in Enschede may contain some songs in Latin, while most parts are in English. A more formal Latin Mass according to the ordinary form is usually celebrated on Sundays at 9.30am at Saint Lambert's Basilica Hengelo. But please check the website of the Parish in Hengelo for up to date infomration.

Tridentine Mass
Tridentine Mass (Roman Rite)
Ambrosian Mass (Milanese Rite)
The Tridentine Mass is the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite Mass and is in use since 1570. It is celebrated in Latin, although parts like the homily may be in the local language. Please check the website of the Archdiocesan Apostolate for the Tridentine Liturgy, which also provides information on Ambrosian Mass celebrated in the Milanese Rite.

Anglican Use (Anglican Rite)
Anglican Use is the liturgical worship of former Anglican communities that joined the Catholic Church. There are currently no Anglo-Catholic communities (as far as we know) in the Netherlands.

Eastern Rites
Churches following eastern rites are also common within the Catholic Church. Holy Qurbana is the Syro-Antiochene name for what is called Mass in the Roman tradition of Catholic liturgy, while it is called Divine Liturgy in Byzantine tradition of Catholic liturgy. The communities mentioned below are all in communion with the Bishop of Rome.
The Dutch Byzantine-Catholic community here.
The Dutch Syrian-Catholic community here.
The Dutch Chaldean-Catholic community here.